Jack couldn’t get any luckier. He has finally found a new home with a great owner and a garden of his own. He also has a company (another cat, a tabby) but they need a little more time to be comfortable with each other. I bet they would be the best of friends one day. I tried taking pictures of the tabby but he is too fast and too shy and too cute! According to Matt, this tabby has been with him for 8 years and whenever he relocates for his job, it would follow him! So, tabby has been to a few countries, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore… It’s definitely a change of fate for the tabby (when Matt adopted him, tabby was about to be put to sleep).

My apologies for not being able to take many good pictures of Jack at his new home, as Jack moves about too much and the garden isn’t small enough for me to chase after him. Haha… So, do pardon my bad pictures. I tried my best =)

Jack's New Home (2)
Jack’s new home. Don’t envy! Work hard for your own.

Jack's New Home (3)
Look at Jack! He is definitely an adventurer! Sorry you can’t really see his face here.

Jack's New Home (4)
Jack lying around the gym area to get some sun. How cute! He is all comfy in his new house.

Jack's New Home (7)
Jack’s owner, Matt, carrying him. Please don’t think Jack is struggling. I believe he just doesn’t like to be hugged that much… When asked why choose Jack among all the other cats, Matt replied, “Jack has suffered so much. People usually would go for cute little kittens and not many would wanna have Jack. Taking Jack in is like giving him a 2nd chance and he deserves it.”

 Jack's New Home (6)
Close-up of Jack. Look at him! How smart!


Many apologise for the lack of updates, as school just started and I was freaking busy juggling studies and job hunt. My cat recently also got some lumps below his ears… All these things just draining me emotionally. 

Just a quick update:
Cat Jack has been adopted!!! He has fully recovered after surgery and some infection (as his eyes were bleeding, he had to be hospitalize for 2 days). However, I’m sure we are all glad he has finally found all the love he needs with a new home and new owner named Matt!

Blackie is now with Lam Jie and is still on his course of medication. Lam Jie is giving him massages everyday to speed up his recovery. Once he finished his course of medication, he would be back at Dr. Hsu for another consultation. If needed, we would bring him for acupunture.

Pictures will be up soon!

I went through the pictures Melissa took and realised there are some new additions to Penny’s room! They are way too cute!

His color is so special, I call him Milo!

Another new addition to Penny’s room. Look at the way he sleeps… so cute!

Ginger All Grown Up
Kitten Ginger was taken back, as Penny was worried about her reoccuring ulcers. Penny also wants Kitten Ginger to be adopted with Kimberly but the adopters did not agree so. Look, Kitten Ginger’s all grown up now!


 Ali Defensive Mode
A good picture taken of the infamous Chemical Ali. He’s all ready to attack! Somehow, this picture reminds me of the movie, “Quarantine”. Haha…


Melissa Touches Ali
Incredible! Melissa managed to touch Chemical Ali without getting a scratch!

Many thanks to Melissa who brought Blackie to Dr. Hsu also while I was away.

Before visit to Dr. Hsu’s: “Blackie’s situation is better than before, though he’s still having spasms of shivers and can’t really control his muscles. Penny was going to bring him to Dr Prakash today (Sunday), but I told her to call up Mt Pleasant – which was when she realised Dr Prakash wasn’t going to be in till Monday. I then called up The Animal Clinic where Dr Hsu is, and he’s in tomorrow. While they have a full schedule, they were kind enough and said we could just go and wait in the queue, and he will see us as soon as possible.

So that’s what we’re going to do – bring Blackie to see Dr Hsu for his expert opinion tomorrow (Monday). I’m quite sure he’ll do everything he can – and I’ve got personal experience with his “skills” 🙂 as do a lot of other caregivers and cat-lovers… so I can attest for his professionalism, honesty, etc. Let’s hope for the best for Blackie! He’s such a feisty, playful kitty and I want to do everything I can to make sure he recovers well and can then find a loving home!”

After visit to Dr. Hsu’s: “I went down to Penny’s this afternoon to pick Blackie up and send him to Dr Hsu at The Animal Clinic (Telok Kurau).

Blackie was amazingly obedient despite the long journey I’d taken him from Yishun to the East side of Singapore (on public transport, no less). He was obviously nervous as hell, but Dr Hsu’s gentle hands managed to calm him down. Anyhow, Dr Hsu said that it looks like Blackie suffered trauma due to major impact on the head. It could have been an accident or a case of abuse… we will never know. What we do know is that he was found at the field next to Yishun MRT completely incapacitated. Given that’s he’s already grown to about 5 months old now, the lack of muscular control, etc. certainly didn’t look like a congenital problem. As such, Dr Hsu advised against those expensive tests that other vets would’ve foisted upon Blackie, because those are largely to test for birth defects… and aren’t conclusive anyways. Instead, he said to continue with the inflammation medication and call him in 3 weeks to see what else we can do for Blackie… He’s too young to take medication for an increase of blood circulation to the head – it might result in a stroke. So all we can do now is hope for the best, keep him active by playing a lot with him (and he loves that), and be mindful of any improvement/deterioration.

Dr Hsu also tested Blackie’s eyesight, and said that it appears that his vision has been impaired by the trauma… Blackie didn’t respond to visual stimulation much; he responds when there’re large movements, but not little flashes of light in his eyes…

At the moment, Blackie’s movements are still jerky – his muscular control remains weak… Hopefully things will improve with medication over a month or so. Given that he’s a young ‘un, that might improve the chances of recovery… Otherwise, it looks like Blackie will be in a somewhat disabled state for life…

(Oh and before I forget – can I just add that Dr Hsu is an angel and didn’t charge me a CENT for consultation? I told him about how Blackie was found and where he’s currently housed at Penny’s, as well as how we’re desperately trying to raise funds for his treatment… at the point of payment, he turned and told his nurse, this one no charge. He is such a sweetie! Must support a compassionate, wise vet like him! Most other vets would have taken the opportunity to make a killing by foisting unnecessary tests and suchlike!)

So I don’t have any scans of receipts 🙂 And I’m kinda relieved we didn’t go back to Mt Pleasant for Blackie, ‘cos if we had not known and gone for that spinal fluid test (which would have cost at least $600, am I right?), it would have been for naught…

I then traveled back to Yishun to meet Penny and over coffee, we discussed Blackie’s situation and Dr Hsu’s advice. We’ll have to wait and see, but given that Blackie is young and feisty, he should improve with time… let’s hope so. Once Penny finishes the current medication, we’ll bring Blackie back to Dr Hsu and see what else we can do to help.”

Our thoughts: Meanwhile, Penny spoke to someone called Lam Jie who’s had plenty of experience being a caregiver and who’s nursed some very distressed kitties back to health! She asked Lam Jie to take Blackie in, ‘cos she will be able to give Blackie massages and perhaps that might speed up the healing process. When Blackie finishes his course of anti-inflammatories, I’ll then take him back to Dr Hsu to follow up and see if there’s anything else we can do for him.

Cat Jack: I’m going to get better!

Many thanks to Melissa, a kind volunteer who brought Jack to Mt Pleasant for his eye operation on my behalf while I was overseas.

Updates from Melissa:
“Today, Cat Jack was brought to Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre for the operation on his (now non-existent) eye. As you know, it was filled with pus, and in order to assuage his discomfort and ensure no further infection happens, an operation has to be done as soon as possible.

He was so nervous and tentative – Penny said he made a lot of noise on the bus, and I bet he knows he’s going to the vet and is scared. We “sayang’ed” him before he went in though – hopefully he will feel ok. The clinic said to call at about 4pm to find out if he has to be hospitalised. We hope not ‘cos that will cost a lot more… but let’s see how it goes. I presume it’ll be a day surgery and he should be ready to return home to Penny’s…”

*Cat Jack doesn’t have to be hospitalised and is back at Penny’s now.

Blackie is now a side sleeper!

Due to Blackie’s nerve problem, he could only sleep on his chin (like a crocodile) but after 2 days of the anti-inflammation medication, he can now sleep on his side, like a true cat! Isn’t that good news?

It’s really a pleasant feeling to know he is getting better. Let’s all hope his shivering would go away soon as well…

Penny and I brought both Cat Jack & Blackie to Dr. Prakash at Mt Pleasant!

The pus oozing from his eye is due to infection and can only be controlled using antibiotics. To have him fully recover (and forever), an eye surgery has to be done to remove all the dead tissues and get his eye sewed up nicely. Before this surgery, he has to be put on a course of antibiotics (stronger ones as the previous ones weren’t helping) to get rid of the pus. If the surgery is done before the infection is attended to, pus will balloon up inside his “sewed” eye and that will worsen the infection.

Penny also suggested for him to be sterilised during the surgery. The surgery would take place in about 1 week’s time. Exact appointment date could only be fixed when the pus in Jack’s eye is completely gone.

Blackie’s situation is a bit more complicated. He definitely has nerve problem and it is caused by mulfunction of a particular part of his brain but the cause cannot be assumed. It could be due to low glucose level, lack of calcium, internal inflammation, spine problem, genes or even some “brain problem”. Blackie went through blood tests and was tested negative for lack of glucose level and calcium. Dr. Prakash said since he has internal inflammation, the anti-inflammation medication shall be given to him for a period of 1 week. If the shivering also improves after 1 week of the medication, we can then confirm the nerve problem is due to the inflammation affecting part of his brain. Otherwise, Blackie will have to go for Spine Tap which costs about $400 – $600. This will check if the problem is linked to the spine. However, even if we got to know the source of the problem, there could be no treatment for it or worst, if tested negative, the funds would be gone. So, what I suggest is to observe Blackie’s situation first, then we will decide (among donors) whether the Spine Tap should be done.


Waiting (6)
Wanna see Penny? That is her! However, only a glimpse of her backview =) She was carrying Jack back to the clinic. There’s this pond at Mt Pleasant with plenty of giant Koi and Penny brought Jack to see the “monsters” (that’s what Penny told Jack).


Waiting (3)
– At the waiting area with Jack and Blackie.


Jack's Consultation (3)
– Jack was very “manja” and well behaved even during consultation. Dr. Prakash said he was posing like he’s a model!


Jack's Consultation (4)
– Checking Jack’s teeth. Unfortunately, though he’s not very old, he only has 1 tooth left. We’re not sure why though… He probably got into fights when he was out on the streets or worst, got abused.


Waiting for Blood Test (1)
– Jack & Blackie waiting for blood test. They must be sooo nervous in those carriers!


Waiting for Blood Test (5)
– I caught Jack peeping out of the carrier. He’s simply so cute and obedient…


Jack's Blood Test (2)
– Jack was “forced” to lie down so blood can be drawn from him. He was reluctant to be pressed down but still stayed really calm and did not attack or struggle. Maybe he knows we are doing this for him, for him to get better…


Jack's Blood Test (6)
Jack: I don’t like this… It’s really painful! But, I will bear with it cos I know Penny and many others are helping me to get better.


Jack's Blood Test (12)
– The assistants taking some skin samples of Jack, as Jack was seen pulling out his hair every now and then.


Blackie's Blood Test (4)
– Preparing Blackie for the blood test. Cleaned his neck but couldn’t find the vein…


Blackie's Blood Test (12)
– 2 people (Penny and one of the assistants) had to hold Blackie down, as he was moving around too much. Tried to draw blood from one of his legs but failed cos he was struggling too much. Penny said it must be very painful for him to be held down like that.


Blackie's Blood Test (16)
– Second try. This time managed to draw some blood after much struggling. Blackie was so scared, he pee all over and stopped moving for a while. Penny was so scared… when Blackie finally moved, she was really relieved. The assistants said Blackie was simply too tired from the struggling.


Test Results (1)
Cat Jack’s results: His kidney, liver, and skin all fine! He is all healthy to go for his eye surgery after his course of antibiotics (make the pus goes away).


Test Results (2)
Blackie’s results: He was tested positive for Parasites. Dr. Prakash said it could be due to the fleas on his body, so he was given Revolution to treat his fleas. Let’s hope this will help with the Parasites.


Test Results (3)
Blackie’s results: He was tested positive for abnormal blood count as well. This shows that he has internal inflammation. Anti-inflammation medication (in form of injections) was prescribed for this.

Below are the rest of the images taken during the visit.